100% Vegan

Every ingredient in our products are 100% vegan. We want everyone to feel happy and guilt free to use our products.


The preservation of this planet is incredibly important to us and we didn't want our products to affect this earth in any way. So, all of our product are organic.

Paraben Free

All of our ingredients are natural and don't include parabens, microbeads or any other harmful ingredients.

Made in Britain

All of our products are made in our workshop in Cheshire and we source every single ingredient, packaging and everything else in the UK

Cruelty Free

We definitely do not test on animals and we are never ever going to. There are so many alternatives to testing on animals and we so no point what so ever to test on animals.


Our founder and aromatherapist Linda hand makes every product to ensure that the quality always meets and exceeds our own expectations.

Essential oils

Helping incorporate essential oils into everyday life

Essential oils are quickly becoming the UK’s favourite natural way to help everyday stresses. Feel tired, on edge or have a bit of a sniffle, there is a blend to help! Still need convincing? 



25 years of experience

We have over 25 years of experience with aromatherapy and are more than happy to talk to you about which essential oils would be best for you. We have a range of 23 essential oils within our collections (and many more sat in our recipe book) so we are bound to find a perfect range for you!


Subscription Boxes

We have been very lucky to have featured in some the UK’s best subscription boxes! Don’t believe us? Have a look:

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