Why we say no to MICROBEADS

by in Well-being January 10, 2017

What are microbeads? Everywhere we go nowadays, we are inundated with information about how damaging certain products are to our planet and microbeads are one ingredient that is being highlighted recently.

Microbeads are tiny little balls of plastic that are very effective when used as a facial scrub but are also very effective at helping to damage our beautiful planet. Once you have finished with your facial wash, toothpaste or body scrub, the microbeads from your products will make their way down into our oceans. Marine species can’t distinguish between food and microplastics so many are found with life threatening amounts in their stomachs and it was recorded that 663 species of marine wildlife were negatively affected by plastic pollution last year alone.

So, how can we help fight this issue?

It’s quite simple, always read the labels. A lot of branded products nowadays will brag about their products being microbead free (just like we do) and it’s quite simple to replace your daily products with microbead free ones. Consumer pressure is the only way these huge multi national companies will listen to us and change their ways too.

Companies, like us, are proud to be microbead free. Our bodyscrubs, which will be unveiled later this year, will state it on the label so that it is easy for you to choose a scrub without microbeads.

At Helpmeorganics, we are actively finding ways to provide high quality, environmentally friendly products to enhance your lifestyle both in your home and workplace.  So join us and the Marine Conservation Society and let’s stop using Microbeads.

Want to learn more about beating the microbead, have a look at www.beatthemicrobead.org/

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