What Makes Our Massage Oils Extra Special?

by in Product Announcements August 2, 2017

The best way to re-hydrate a dry skin is to replenish the sebum levels and organic unrefined oils are the best and only way to do this. At helpmeorganics we strongly believe that by including carrier and essential oils into your day will increase your level of well being and the suppleness of your skin. We have designed pre-blended organic massage oils to make it easier for you to use after your bath or shower or indeed as a massage at home.

So let’s look at the science behind massage, aromatherapy and the power of touch.  I have been an Aromatherapist for nearly 30 years so yes I am biased but there is strong scientific evidence to back up my passion. When someone gives you a hug , holds your hand or a places a hand  on your shoulder, suddenly you feel reassured, strong and loved. This is because your nervous system sends messages to your brain which in turn releases endorphins to announce to your body that you are happy and in a good place. Remember how lovely a hug from your parent suddenly makes everything OK,  aromatherapy has the same effect, certain smells send the same message to your brain.

We have carefully chosen our carrier oils to be therapeutic in their own right. Organic unrefined Avocado oil is highly nutritious  being rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, B5, D E, it has anti inflammatory properties so ideal for a sensitive skin. Organic jojoba oil helps to rebalance the level of sebum in your skin as it tricks an oily skin to reduce the amount of sebum produced, on the other hand jojoba oil increases the sebum production for a dry skin. Our last carrier oil is organic camellia oil, rich in omega 6 and super quick at being  absorbed by your skin, camellia oil improves the elasticity of your skin and helps to repair sun damage.

So we know that carrier oils deliver hydration and protection to your skin, we have added our special blend of pure essential oils to our massage oils, each one helps to remedy a situation. In our “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” we have blended Melissa,  lavender, eucalyptus and ginger to counteract most situations which get in the way of a good sleep so you could use our massage oil to work in a clockwise direction on your stomach whilst concentrating on your breathing to slow you down, use our convenient dropper to apply the oil.

Our “help me, I’m feeling under the weather” is your little bit of protection if you are feeling like you are coming down with a cold, massage our oil on your upper body so that you breathe eucalyptus,  lavender,  tea tree, peppermint and tangerine while you drift off to sleep, our oil blend will help to keep your airwaves open so no need to breathe through your mouth.

At certain times we can feel as if we are running out of balance on an emotional level, use “help me, apparently I need to chill out” to soothe and calm while everything settles down. If you struggle with PMS, period pains, massage a small amount of our oil onto your stomach and breathe,  then keep warm and wait, it will ease.  Feeling anxious, don’t worry, the combination of palmarosa, geranium, ylang ylang and lavender will wrap the feeling of comfort around while you allow your breathing to slow down.

If you are very lucky to have someone to massage your feet, our massage oils are perfect, easy to apply just remember to shake the bottle to make sure all of  the oils are mixed together.  Our massage oils are to be enjoyed, loved and used at all times, we have used small bottles so that the oils are actively therapeutic. These massage are not suitable for babies/infants or pregnant ladies as the ratio of essential oils are too strong. We recommend storing them in a cupboard out of direct heat and light and remember to use them , you will enjoy the benefits and love aromatherapy just as much as we do.

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