We’re in Artemis and Xena’s April Box!

by in Subscription boxes May 25, 2017

This month something that we are very excited about happened: we were included in Artemis & Xena’s “Born to Sparkle” box last month. Ooh, how exciting! If you managed to grab yourself a box then you will have spotted our “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” room sprays hidden amongst all the goodies.

Artemis & Xena is a subscription service that is aimed at girls and young women who struggle with their mental health. Here at helpmeorganics, we try and design products that support an encourage a positive and health mental well being, which is why we were more than delighted to be included in a subscription box with such a positive message. Artemis & Xena are no longer a monthly subscription box and have recently changed to a quarterly instead. This means that you would receive a box every 3 months. As well as getting sent goodies, you are also able to enter the members section of the website where you will find mindfulness practices, well-being tips, videos and more. It is definitely worth subscribing.

So a little bit about the spray that you received in the box: our “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” room spray is designed to help you naturally drift off the sleep using aromatherapy. Using essential oils to help you feel sleepy is much better than using any synthetic fragrances or even sleeping medicines because it is completely natural and encourages a more organic way to fall to sleep. As most people will know, lavender is a common essential oil found in sleep or relax sprays because of it’s unbelievable power to calm but we wanted to blend some other scents with it to create an aroma that has a little more to it. Ginger is excellent for calming a troubled digestive system, melissa is well known to calm nervous exhaustion and slow your thoughts and eucalyptus is a highly relaxing oil that allows you to drift off naturally.

If the spray sounds like your cup of tea, you can order it from this website – it’s only £6.50! And if you would like to see what else is in the “Born to Sparkle” box, you can head over to my blog: clairesyear.com as I have done a full review of the entire box and all of it’s contents. There are some lovely things accompanying our sprays so you should go over and have a look.

The “Born to Sparkle” box is still available to order from the Artemis & Xena website – it’s just £16. Or, if you would like to subscribe for a whole year, it would be £60.

Information and prices correct May 2017

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