Using Essential Oils in the Summer

by in HMO News, Product Announcements May 31, 2019

Think of summer and your first thoughts are opening your doors and windows to let the fresh air in, walking around your garden in the evening taking in the smells and sounds of summer. We tend to eat more often outdoors which brings us in contact with wasps, flies and mosquitos, we’re not saying that our summer candle, “help me say hello to summer” ,  will keep all insects away but they don’t tend to like the smell of lavender and sage so will move onto another garden.

Essential oils in general are made from flowers and herbs (plus spices but that’s a whole different season!), mainly from the leaves and petals. We believe that including organic essential oils into your daily life will boost your sense of well-being, keep you healthy and active.   By simply filling a bowl with water,  placing them around your home and patio, you can enjoy the fabulously therapeutic benefits of our Aromatherapy blends. It is well known that water acts as a magnet for pollen so by placing your bowls on windowsills   the pollen will be trapped. We recommend our blend “help me I’m feeling under the weather” to help to clear your sinuses.

We are very happy to be introducing our latest scent blend “help me say hello to summer”, we have blended the super cleansing Sage oil with Pink Grapefruit and Lavender to produce a candle which can be enjoyed inside or out.  Sage is renown for its cleansing properties, think “smudging” when fresh sage leaves are bound then lit to produce a smoke which removes bacteria and negative energy. It has been clinically proven to remove 90% of bacteria from the air which is helpful to hayfever sufferers, simply light our candle for at least an hour (but no more than 3hours) and allow the gentle scent to meander.   Pink grapefruit essential oil is extremely beneficial for creating a fresh uplifting effect, added to lavender oil they will help to create an enjoyable environment whilst you relax in your garden.

We always love to hear how you reuse our candle tins and glass bottles, we have plenty of suggestions on our website and social media. If you can, always reuse, recycle or compost our packaging , we are very careful to source ingredients and packaging than can be used again.

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