Hello I’m Linda, I have been an aromatherapist for over 25 years and have a passion for anything to do with plants! I began to study complementary therapy on a whim and have been hooked ever since, I never stop learning, there is still so much to know.
I work as a holistic therapist too and began to develop the blends for helpmeorganics based on my experience with my customers. I will only use natural ingredients, organic as much as possible and it is important to me our products are manufactured in compliance with organic & vegan beliefs.


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Launch of Helpmeorganics!

The launch of helpmeorganics was very long awaited for me. I have always wanted to make my own products that use the blends that I have made over the years and we’ve finally done it!


Started Simply Relaxing: a holistic therapy centre.

My first small business was created back in 1995 with Simply Relaxing, a holistic therapy centre where I have designed and used my blends with the massages.


Started training in essential oils.

After starting to develop an interest in aromatherapy, I started training in them along side holistic therapy as the two go hand in hand. Since then, I haven’t stopped learning!

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