Hi, my name is Claire and I am the what I call “Creative Director” of helpmeorganics. I am responsible for all the creative bits like the graphics and branding of helpmeorganics and also the social media (come and say hi). This company is something that I have always pictured in my head and I am so happy that I can finally help make this happen and share it with you. Our products are so beautiful (and smell amazing) and I would love to think that you will think that too!


Learn A Bit About Me:



Became a SmallBiz100!

Becoming a SmallBiz100 was a massive achievement for me. After tapping into my video editing skills (I don’t think I have YouTuber potential yet) and making our entry into the competition, I didn’t know whether my skills would have wowed enough to make it into this years top 100 but they did! We are very proud.


Started studying marketing at university

After starting helpmeorganics, I knew I had a passion for marketing and branding, which is why I went onto university to study it. I am learning things in a lecture theatre as well as helping run this company and I think this is the best way to do it.


Launched Helpmeorganics

After a long summer of designing, we finally showed the world our products in December!

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