Help Me Have A Mindful Of Calm Range


Hello everybody and welcome back to our little HMOblog! Today, we are introducing the last of our BRAND NEW ranges that will be available from the 1st of December. The third range that we would like to share with you is our “help me feel fresh as a daisy” range, which I would love to tell you about.

Some of you may have already seen the room spray from this collection as it was featured in The Unibox’s November box as an exclusive product! I am sure you will be able to read all about the product on their website and their social medias as well as from their lovely subscribers. We have received some lovely feedback from everybody who has tried it so far so we are very excited for it to be available to everybody from December!

So, why did we create this scent? Firstly, mindfulness is something that is very current in both mine and my Mum’s life. Not only do I incorporate mindfulness into my daily routine but my Mum, Linda, is in the middle of her mindfulness training to become a mindfulness coach. Taking a few seconds, minutes or even an hour out of your day to take a breath, regain control of your thoughts is incredibly important and something that everybody should do. I like to do 10 minutes of mindfulness when I am lying in bed before I go to sleep. Yes, I don’t normally make it to the 10 minute mark without snoring my head off but if I do, it makes me feel so incredibly relaxed and my quality of sleep is immensely better. This range was created with mindfulness and meditation in mind. We have blended frankincense, geranium bourbon and lavender together to bring tranquillity and harmony into your life. Something that we all need.

So, a little bit about the essential oils we have used:


Used to help ease panic attacks, anxiety and stress, Frankincense is THE oil to aid meditation and relaxation. It will ease a troubled mind. In massage Frankincense is wonderful to fight stretch marks as it is a rejuvenating oil, it is truly effective to massage your stomach (in a clockwise direction) to bring a sense if calm during a time if panic.

Geranium Bourbon:

Is a balancing and regulating to your hormones, emotions, body and soul. It is a powerful immune booster, sinus cleanser and builds your resisted e to stress. Massage your abdomen (in a clockwise direction!) to ease period cramps.


One of the best known essential oil, it’s benefits are immense. We use this oil to calm, protect, boost your immune system and soothe muscular aches & pains. You will find Lavender in most our products as it is deeply therapeutic and beneficial to everyone.

As I mentioned in the last blog post, we have been working on these next three ranges for a very very very long time and to have their launch within touching distance is overwhelmingly exciting for us! Each collection has been developed by our own aromatherapist, Linda, who has been working with essential oils for over 25 years. You could say that she knows what she’s doing. If you would like to ask her anything at all about any of the collections and essential oils used then you can contact us on our social medias @helpmeorganics or via email: and she will be more than happy to answer your questions. We hope you are as excited as we are for the new products and, don’t worry, the wait is nearly over.

We’re in Artemis and Xena’s April Box!

This month something that we are very excited about happened: we were included in Artemis & Xena’s “Born to Sparkle” box last month. Ooh, how exciting! If you managed to grab yourself a box then you will have spotted our “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” room sprays hidden amongst all the goodies.

Artemis & Xena is a subscription service that is aimed at girls and young women who struggle with their mental health. Here at helpmeorganics, we try and design products that support an encourage a positive and health mental well being, which is why we were more than delighted to be included in a subscription box with such a positive message. Artemis & Xena are no longer a monthly subscription box and have recently changed to a quarterly instead. This means that you would receive a box every 3 months. As well as getting sent goodies, you are also able to enter the members section of the website where you will find mindfulness practices, well-being tips, videos and more. It is definitely worth subscribing.

So a little bit about the spray that you received in the box: our “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” room spray is designed to help you naturally drift off the sleep using aromatherapy. Using essential oils to help you feel sleepy is much better than using any synthetic fragrances or even sleeping medicines because it is completely natural and encourages a more organic way to fall to sleep. As most people will know, lavender is a common essential oil found in sleep or relax sprays because of it’s unbelievable power to calm but we wanted to blend some other scents with it to create an aroma that has a little more to it. Ginger is excellent for calming a troubled digestive system, melissa is well known to calm nervous exhaustion and slow your thoughts and eucalyptus is a highly relaxing oil that allows you to drift off naturally.

If the spray sounds like your cup of tea, you can order it from this website – it’s only £6.50! And if you would like to see what else is in the “Born to Sparkle” box, you can head over to my blog: as I have done a full review of the entire box and all of it’s contents. There are some lovely things accompanying our sprays so you should go over and have a look.

The “Born to Sparkle” box is still available to order from the Artemis & Xena website – it’s just £16. Or, if you would like to subscribe for a whole year, it would be £60.

Information and prices correct May 2017