Our Summer Range 2017

by in Product Announcements May 12, 2017

Welcome to our summer collection “help me bring sunshine to a cloudy day”

When I began to formulate our summer collection, I wanted to create an effective summery blend which will bring summer into your home, as well as helping you to enjoy eating outside. After all, it is vital for our health and wellbeing to get out in the sunshine as much as possible.

I have combined the organic essential oils citronella, lemongrass, peppermint and spearmint to help you enjoy your summer. Citronella and lemongrass are renowned to protect against insects, both contain the chemical constituent, citronellol. Insects don’t like the smell and will avoid at all costs. Also, ants dislike a minty smell and we use two very active mints in our blend. You can add 4/5 drops of our aromatherapy blend into a bucket of water and swill around your doorways, you can safely add our essential oil blend to your floor wash to give a wonderful happy, citrus fresh aroma which help to keep your kitchen fly free.

During the summer months, weather permitting, we spend more time eating outside (until the mosquitos find us that is)! We have a natural soy wax candle infused with our organic essential oils, designed to provide a “safer” zone to deter flying insects. Light your candles and enjoy the summery blend permeate into your dining area.

There are many ways to utilise our “help me bring sunshine to a cloudy day” products, we have listed below some ideas:
1. As mentioned above, burn our soy candle whilst you eat al fresco. Not only will you be left alone but the citrus aroma is just beautiful. Before eating, swill the area under your dining table (outdoors) with a bucket of water and 4/5 drops of our blend.
2. Spray 2-3 bursts of our room spray around your home, the essential oils will keep your rooms fresh and summery.
3. Use our aromatherapy blend in many ways. Put 4/5 drops in a bucket of water and rinse your path, doorstep to deter ants.  Place 3/4 drops in a bowl of water onto your kitchen windowsill to keep flies away and finally pop 2/3 drops onto a tissue and place upstairs on windowsills to deter mosquitos.

Although we cannot guarantee no flies or mosquitos, we are very confident that their numbers will be reduced. Our essential oils will not kill or hurt the insects but will encourage them find somewhere else to hang out!

Be careful, keep all bowls and tissues away from children or pets, animals must not drink water containing our blend of essential oils. Remember to shake our bottles to mix the oils together and finally never leave a burning candle alone or in reach by children.

If you use our aromatherapy blends in a really useful way, let us know so we can share the tips after all our products are planet friendly, vegan friendly and very effective in a lovely organic way.
Happy Summer!