Our BRAND NEW Christmas Collection!

by in HMO News, Product Announcements October 9, 2017

I know, I know… It’s only October but it’s never too early to start Christmas? Back when helpmeorganics was just a sparkle in our eyes, we created our first ever scent: our Christmas range. As we are lucky enough to have our own little store here in Cheshire, we were able to trial our very first scent on our customers before we designed our website and made it possible for anyone in the whole of Great Britain to try it. We had nothing but amazing feedback and sold out much earlier than we expected so we thought we would bring the exact same fragrance out this year but in multiple different products!

So, what’s in this scent? I personally don’t think there is a better time of year than Christmas but the fact that I really didn’t like the smell of anything including cinnamon made it difficult when I wanted to get a fragrance to fill my home with “Christmasiness” so I asked Linda, the founder of helpmeorganics (and my Mum), to make me a candle which smells like Christmas WITHOUT using cinnamon and she certainly didn’t disappoint. I actually keep a mini sample candle next to me here at my desk because I adore the smell and like to just have a little burst every now and again.

In this new scent, we have blended:

Sweet Orange has uplifting properties which, when inhaled, help to bring happiness, energy and joy which is helpful if you suffer with SAD. It also has anti viral properties too making this a wonderful addition to our festive blend

Lemon is very uplifting, fresh and energising plus it lifts the two spice essential oils.  The citrus undertones aid depression and fill the air with a long lasting happy scent.

Fir Needle – think of Christmas trees with their fresh aromatic scent and you will understand why we had to include fir needle essential oil.

Clove Bud is a protective cleansing oil which is helpful during colds and flu.  It is synonymous with Christmas and is very warming, calming.

Ginger is a warming oil which helps with seasonal affective disorder as it combats loneliness and is very energising.  Think of Christmas and ginger is an important spice, who doesn’t love a gingerbread house!

This year we have designed a 300g candle which will look beautiful on any Christmas dining table and will last the whole festive period.  Last year we were told that the wonderful scent filled their homes and brought a sense of happiness, family and comfort.  We have also designed a smaller candle, 75g, as the ideal stocking filler or indeed a travel candle for you to take with you if visiting family.

Our “help me get into the festive spirit” range also comes in a Room spray so that you can add an extra burst of fragrance if you are having guests over, or a party or just like to cleanse your kitchen after cooking.  Then our last product in the range is the Aromatherapy blend of organic essential oils, ideal to fragrance  potpourri bowls, fir cones or just place in a saucer of water in your office to bring Festive cheer wherever you go.  Pop 2 drops on a tissue and place in your car to keep you alert whilst driving.


Christmas is a wonderful time, we love it here at Helpmeorganics HQ, we will have lots of tips to help you enjoy this winter so please keep an eye on our website.

If you are stuck for a gift this Christmas, our Organic, Ethical, Vegan products are the answer!



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