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Inspirational Quote of the month:

“If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours”

– Dolly Parton

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March is the month we say goodbye to winter and hello to Spring. Its the month of the Spring Equinox and we get an extra hour as we enter British Summertime, if that doesnt fill your heart with positivity then maybe the thought of longer sunnier days will!!  This winter has been very kind to us so its a time to be thankful too!
March is also the month we celebrate Mothers Day on the 22nd March. This year, when you buy one of our products, we will automatically add a 75g candle with your order as a special treat.  If you let us know its a gift for your Mum, we will gift wrap it in our own special way.

Healthy Tips for March:

  • Get Moving – even if its enjoying a lovely walk to blow the cobwebs away! Moving is really healthy as we all know but movement helps to stimulate your lymphatic drainage, brings fresh nutricious blood to your organs and strengthens your bones. 
  • When you brush your teeth (or are making a drink) do some squats. This really helps firm your bottom but make sure your knees are over your toes and again start slowly then deepen the squat.  Summer here you come!
  • Keep drinking your water to replenish & cleanse your skin and organs
  • Use a massage oil after your bath/shower as this replaces the lost moisture and will enhance the appearance of your skin plus the organic essential oils will make your skin smell lovely.  Use under a body moisturiser for added hydration or enjoy on its own
  • Enjoy a little time by yourself. We are all running around, constantly talking,  being on social media which is lovely but spending a little time quietly, just you, is also very therapeutic.
  • Practise your breathing – if you struggle with back problems, this is a good thing for you to do…  Firstly lie down with a pillow/cushion under your knees to ensure that your lower back is flat.  Place your hands on your stomach, breathe in (making sure your tummy moves), hold for a count of 3 then slowly exhale and repeat.  Many people forget to breathe properly and this is an excellent way to get your diaphragm moving which helps to release your back muscles.
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Don’t forget Mothers Day is March 22nd 2020
Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day!!!

“help me, say hello to Spring” soy wax candle

With Spring around the corner, we could not resist bringing this wonderful candle back on our shelves. From March 1st, you will be able to fill your home with the scent of Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Pink Grapefruit, and lavender. The perfect companions for those frosty mornings & sunny afternoons. enjoy the candle in your living room, kitchen or anywhere you fancy!!! We have added dried rose petals which give the candle a hint of rose and a nod to summer.

Spring is a wonderful time of renewal, rejuvenation and happiness, we hope the organic essential oil blend in our candle will help you to make your soul shine as there will be more sunny hours than night!!


  • 1st March – order your candle for Spring today
  • 1st March – St Davids Day
  • 5th March – University Mental Health Day
  • 9th March – Sports Relief Day
  • 17th March – St Patricks Day
  • 22nd March – Mothers Day
  • 29th March – Clocks go forward an hour


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The Relaunch of our Massage Oils is 31st March 2020

We have reformulated the recipe for the massage/body oils. We want everyone to be able to use all of our products and we are very pleased to say that our massage oils are now low-allergy. We have replaced all “tree nut ” oils with hypo-allergenic carrier oils of Grapeseed, Apricot Kernel & Evening Primrose, still fantastic hydrating oils but very kind to your skin too. Known as “Dry Oils”, this means that the carrier oils are absorbed quickly into the skin, leaving no sticky residue, yet perfect to produce that all-important glide for massage. We will also be stocking them in a larger size too. If you are worried about your allergies, we are happy to send you a sample so that you can do a skin test. Please contact us via

If you have a regular massage, why not mention us to your therapist as we will be looking for salons and therapists to stock our oils in their salons!!!

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Let’s talk about Patchouli

We use organic Patchouli essential oil in our “help me say hello to Spring” soy candle. It is a fantastic oil to help you feel relaxed. calm and happy. Patchouli oil is full of patchoulol, a chemical that’s been proven to provide feelings of relaxation! Blended with rose geranium, pink grapefruit and lavender, this soy candle will definitely bring a beautiful feeling to your home

Fill Your Home with Organic Fragrance

We think that every house should be filled with organic essential oils, they are therapeutic, healthy and smell amazing! But why should we?

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