Help Me Feel Fresh As A Daisy Range

by in HMO News, Product Announcements November 13, 2017

Hello everybody and welcome back to our little HMOblog! Today, we are introducing you to our BRAND NEW range that will be available from the 1st of December. The first range that we would like to share with you is our “help me feel fresh as a daisy” range, which I would love to tell you about.

For this collection, we blend together cedarwood, frankincense, rosemary and sweet orange. Do you adore the feeling of crisp and fresh mornings but don’t enjoy the cold? Why not bring that feeling into the warmth of your home with this range?


So, a little bit about the essential oils we have used:


This is a wonderful decongestant essential oil and helps to ease stuffy heads and fights coughs & colds. Massage with cedarwood to increase joint mobility and is especially good with arthritis.


Used to help ease panic attacks, anxiety and stress, Frankincense is THE oil to aid meditation and relaxation. It will ease a troubled mind. In massage Frankincense is wonderful to fight stretch marks as it is a rejuvenating oil, it is truly effective to massage your stomach (in a clockwise direction) to bring a sense if calm during a time if panic.


Best known as an aid for our memory, rosemary essential oil is energising . Rosemary is a protective oil, is antiseptic and gives a “ray of sunshine” to any blend.  This is a wonderful oil in massage as it eases muscle cramps and has stimulating properties.

Sweet Orange:

It’s an uplifting essential oil but it is calming when you feel frustrated. Sweet orange really helps to clear kitchen odours.


We have been working on these next three ranges for a very very very long time and to have their launch within touching distance is overwhelmingly exciting for us! Each collection has been developed by our own aromatherapist, Linda, who has been working with essential oils for over 25 years. You could say that she knows what she’s doing. If you would like to ask her anything at all about any of the collections and essential oils used then you can contact us on our social medias @helpmeorganics or via email: and she will be more than happy to answer your questions. We hope you are as excited as we are for the new products and you will be hearing from me this time next week with our second range announcement!