Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

by in HMO News December 31, 2017
What a year it has been!

Firstly, 2017 has been the first full year that our little business has been up and running and it has been an amazing one. It has been so fun hearing how much you all love our products so thank you. Hearing such lovely feedback has made us look forward to more in 2018.

Also, we have thoroughly enjoyed getting involved with subscription boxes this year and have been featured in quite a few: we have been in two The Unibox boxes, Artemis and Xena, The Really Good Box, Ms Flow, Skin Organics Beauty Box, LowToxBox and Juliah. If you have found our little company through receiving a product in one of these boxes then welcome!

This year, we became vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society and our products have been featured on their stalls in multiple shows including the Just V show in London this year. Again, if you spotted us there then a big hello to you too.

Finally, we turned 1! On the 2nd of December, we had an event at our headquarters in Cheshire to celebrate our birthday and show case our newest collections. This was such a lovely way to celebrate how far we have come and how far we wish to go. We held the event on Small Business Saturday as well, which we thought was very fitting.

Next Year

We are very passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and have recently undertaken a review of our packaging among other things.

It is vital, for the sake of our beautiful oceans and all the lovely creatures that live within it,  that every single company and individual reduces the use of plastics.  We are environmentalists and therefore it is even more important that we re – use,  recycle and compost every single bit of packaging that comes into Helpmeorganics hq.

There is a cupboard, deep within the packaging room, which is stuffed full of good strong cardboard boxes of all sizes, bits of bubble wrap, airbags etc all waiting to be used to package our orders. We have sourced our tape from a company that uses recycled plastic to make good strong tape. We have to protect our little green bottles during transit and they are now wrapped in corrugated cardboard, which can be put into your compost bins or garden waste council bin.

We still have plans for the future, we would love to replace the plastic straw inside our green bottles but so far our trials have not worked, but we have asked our suppliers to try to source a better straw, however the tops of the bottles including the plastic straw are 100% recyclable and we ask that it is.

By working hand in hand with our suppliers and listening to wonderful discussions on #ethicalhour etc, we will in time be completely reusable, recyclable and compostable.

Due to the change in packaging, we are going to increase the price of two of our product ranges by £1. Both the essential oil blends and massage oils will remain the same price. Our room sprays will go to £7.50 and our candles to £10.50. These prices will change as of today and will also be the same in our Etsy shop.

We hope you all have had a lovely 2017 and have an even better 2018!

Linda and Claire x

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