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Inspirational quote for February –  “It’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself.” – Roald Dahl

February is the month when we all get a little romantic with Valentine’s Day, this year is also a Leap Year which will definitely keep our partners (mine included) on their toes!!!

Aromatherapy –

can play a big part in helping us feel “loved-up”, all soft and squishy.  Essential oils can have aphrodisiac properties. Ylang Ylang is probably the best-known essential oil and will help release our inner romantic, sensual side.  We have blended Ylang Ylang with Geranium Bourbon, Palmarosa and Lavender to create the perfect atmosphere to get a little more romantic with our partner.  Why don’t you set the scene with a soak in the bath with our “help me, apparently I need to chill out” soy candle filling the air with the heady sensual scent then you will be relaxed to enjoy a lovely meal and a movie.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an expensive or flash affair, simply spending time in each other’s company relaxed and happy is all that’s needed.

February is also the month we decide to get fitter, healthier.  You have enjoyed experimenting with eating a plant-based diet with Veganuary, had a month off alcohol with Dry January so now its time to get moving. Here at Helpmeorganics HQ, we have decided to do the “Couch to 5K” plan.  I have not run since High School and do admit not to be built for running!!!  But I am willing to give it a go.  But Rome was not built in a day so I am starting very carefully, there’s no rush after all.  To begin I will be doing more walking than running and build up slowly.  A year ago I noticed a man running (well more walking bless him) past my salon every day, he looked dreadful but every day he carried on, and he now runs, not jogging but proper running and I think that’s amazing. He doesn’t seem a young man and was overweight but he kept going, what an inspiration for everyone who feels embarrassed.  When you do start an exercise after as many years as me, it is vital to be sensible.  Warming up and cooling down properly will help your poor muscles adjust to exercise, try and add some yoga or swimming (if you re a head in the water type of person), this will help keep your muscles stretchy.  Body brushing is a good thing to do as it helps improve your circulation which removes toxins. Drink water too to flush out the lactic acid, this is a natural by-product from your muscles and will make you feel achy in the beginning.  I will keep you posted with our “couch to 5K”.  If you would like to do it, there is an app which you download onto your phone

February is an excellent month to detox, the weather is a little better, the days are lengthening too.  As mentioned above, try to body brush every morning before your shower, do upward strokes, then helps to move toxins to your lymph nodes.  If you enjoy a bath, add a handful of Epsom salts which are packed full of magnesium which is essential for bone health and helps to relax you.  Why not add one of our soy candles so that your bath time becomes pure therapy.


  • Our Winter Sale began on the 30th of January. We hand-pour our soy candles and sometimes they can go a little “Wonky”!!  At times, an air bubble can work its way to the surface as it cools or the surface is not to our high standards or the tin may have a dint…..all perfectly scented for enjoyment but not good enough to sell at the  full price so twice a year we sell them at half price £5.50
  • We try to keep our prices as low as possible but on March 1st, there will be a small price increase. Our new prices will be available on the website, Etsy and Folksy
  • We have slightly tweaked our “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” scent. Our aim is to be 100% organic so we have replaced Melissa Essential Oil with Petitgrain Essential Oil in our soy candles, room sprays, and essential oil aromatherapy blends.  They are available now for you to enjoy!
  • If you live or visit Kent, you will find our candles and essential oil blends in Blighty’s Gift Shop in Cranbrook. They are an independant Gift Shop who specialise in British Made Gifts.



Last month, we said that this year we were going to investigate how to live a bit more like the Danish way of Hygge.  Its so easy to get up in the morning, charge about and before you know it, you are sat slumped on the sofa watching any old rubbish on the tv.  So far, we have tried to talk more and listen more.  We love walking and this is perfect for listening to each other.  This Christmas, we made more effort to be content to be together as a family and it does relax you.  It’s a real treat to spend quality time together and we think it’s going to be a lot of fun.  Our aim is to spend less time on our phones, tablets, to limit use to only necessary surfing and email catch up. How easy is it to start looking at Facebook then before you know it, you ‘ve spend a good hour on nothing really.  We do like watching sport but it also nice to turn the tv off and put some music on, New Years Eve was great fun.  We would love to hear if you are discovering the Danish ways of living or are you trying to spend time practicing yoga or mindfulness.


Special dates of Interest:

  • National Storytelling Week – a great way to get your family telling stories, maybe you give the opening line and see what happens!
  • Time to Talk Day is 6th February, this is a day which highlights the importance of talking to each other about  Mental Health
  • Valentine’s Day – 14th February
  • National Wear “RED” day is 26th February in support of Women’s Heart Health
  • New £20 polymer banknote replacing the old one is February 20th, 2020
  • Pancake Day is Tuesday 25th February…what topping do you like?
  • Our star-filled skies need protecting, take part in this years Star Count from 21st – 28th February
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Make sure you enjoy everything that you do….after all, Spring will want to know what we did all winter!!

If you struggle with SAD…..Create a Mood Board

Mood boards are an excellent way to pin photos of happy times, items you want to work towards, magasine cut-outs of places to visit etc.

By filling a pinboard with positive happy things, you can look at them when you feel low or in need of inspiration. Pinterest is a digital mood/vision board, we love it. You can follow our boards on our Pinterest

Use our Room Spray for an instant burst of fragrance

Let’s talk about Petitgrain Essential Oil

We have replaced melissa essential oil with Organic Petitgrain essential oil as we strive to be totally organic and melissa oil is so expensive that we could not afford to use organic melissa.

Petitgrain is from the Bitter Orange Tree and is extracted from the leaves and green twigs and is a close cousin to neroli. It has powerful sedative properties and is a perfect addition to our “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” soy candles, room spray, and essential oil blend. The new scent will be available on 30th January 2020.

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