Our Story

Hello everybody and welcome to helpmeorganics. We are a family run company based in the beautiful county of Cheshire, England. You are probably thinking of fields, trees, nature… and that is pretty much what we are surrounded by. I think that is probably why we are so passionate about maintaining our beautiful countryside and refusing to put anything harmful into our products.

On a chilly December morning in 2016, we got out of bed to get ready for the launch of helpmeorganics. We unboxed our candle tins and hand poured our wax, we grabbed our room spray bottles and filled them with beautiful blends of essential oils and welcomed everybody to have a try of our products. To say we were blown away with the response is an understatement, which is why we have worked our little bums off ever since!

We handmake in small batches to ensure that everything is as fresh as possible. We feel as though this means that we can raise our bar much higher as we can maintain the highest of qualities. All of our products are organic, 100% vegan and paraben free. There are no preservatives, parabens, microbeads or anything else that can cause any damage to our planet. We use ingredients that are completely pure and natural. As much as possible, we source organic essential oils, butters, waxes and hydrosols to create our products. From the ingredients to the packaging, we have made earth conscious decisions. We have also sourced everything from the UK. We are very patriotic and want to support other small British businesses as well.

We have spent the past 2 years designing and blending our beautiful product ranges as delightful remedies that will help our everyday struggles. Many people are struggling with anxiety or stress related challenges and we believe that they can be helped by harnessing the powers of nature in day to day products such as soy candles and room sprays.

At helpmeorganics, we never test any products on animals and our suppliers have the same belief. There is no need to ever test on animals and we are strongly active to source our raw materials from suppliers who think the same.

Please come along on our adventure. In the following months we will be introducing many products to our range which will enhance, relax and protect you and your family.

helpmeorganics products can be bought in our gift shop which we share with our sister company, Simply Relaxing at:

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